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Hi there, i'm Jade! A 22-year-old from San DIego, CA! I'm a lonely stoner with a tendency to ALWAYS be horny. So you're gonna see a lot of nudity (NSFW) content.


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So this is my body appreciation post.

I don’t always like my body. In fact, I normally hate my body. But there are days when I love my curves and chubs.

When I was 130 and a size 7 I would get called fat. I’m 40 pounds heavier now and I definitely still get crap for it. There’s no pleasing anyone. As long as you’re okay with the way you look then nobody else’s opinion fucking matters.

Fat guys and girls and fit guys and girls are both into me. So either way I win. They both think I’m sexy, sure not ALL of them. But some do. Ones I’m attracted to and ones I’d never get with.

I’m working on eating healthier and living a less sedentary lifestyle - but it’s a process. And I’m not going to let the opinions of people who have nothing better to do then judge people affect me. I’m happy with myself most of the time and that is what matters.

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